Balancing Discernment with Racism

I was passed this blog post by a friend who requested that it be read. Very interesting perspective. The writer begins by establishing her street cred, stating:

“My family and I welcome refugees to our city by taking them to get their Social Security cards or medical screenings and I teach ESL one day a week. We have also welcomed refugees into our home for meals from many different countries over the past 22 months. We have done our best to befriend these newcomers to our city so that they will have the best possible chance to be integrated into American culture.”

Integrated. Okay, maybe her grasp of the English language is tenuous. I will read on. She talks about friends and family in Germany who have reservations about the refugee situation there. I would argue that that is a uniquely German problem, brought on by decades of guilt for being one of the few countries with the dubious distinction of a history of genocide. Russia also has that distinction, as does Turkey, (although they won’t admit it). The United States also has that distinction.

The Writer quotes Emma Lazarus as if the knowledge of a poem inures her to the one charge that still carries some weight – the charge of racism. I believe say this is the charge that still carries weight because the United States has her own history of genocide. America perpetrated her crime in a unique albeit historical way, one that is not instantly recognizable even by most Americans.   But I digress, let’s move on.

The writer then relates the following story after further establishing her credibility by reporting how she dutifully changed her profile picture on Facebook to signify solidarity with France (apparently a significant achievement). “An Iraqi refugee family that has been living in the U.S. for 18 months (father, mother, 2 grown sons, 2 high school sons) that my own family befriended chose to change their Profile Pics to the colors of the Iraqi flag.”

Newsflash – they have that right.

“Under one of the grown son’s profile pic, his mother (a woman that I have shared many dinners with) wrote in Arabic: ‘Go to hell, America. May God curse America and Israel to hell.’ I replied with a warning to use great caution when making online curses against a country that has taken them in, provided them with refuge, financial assistance and free education.”

Another newsflash – in the United States, we have the right to request that G-D curse whatever we want it to curse that day, in whatever way it sees fit, by whatever means it deems necessary. The Ku Klux Klan has the right to march and rally and assemble. Westboro Baptist has the right to picket funerals. Satanists, both real and imagined, have the right to gather in their covens or whatever they’re calling them these days and call down the four corners or raise the great Cthulhu if they so desire. They are allowed to do this in English or Spanish or archaic Chinese or Pig Latin, they are even allowed to do it in Arabic if they are as fluent as the writer of this piece claims to be.

She goes on “ Up to this point, there was no indication that there were any negative feelings toward the U.S. I took them to be very friendly, engaged, thankful refugees.”


We destroyed their fucking country over imaginary weapons, killed or exiled the men fighting in their armed forces, allowed an impotent government to take over simply because they were willing to provide us with oil, and then got the fuck out of there just as soon as the exiled forces had reconnoitered enough to form a Caliphate that destroyed all the ancient artifacts Hussain had carefully preserved.

They are supposed to be appropriately “thankful.”

The writer then deactivated her fascistbook account, ”but not before screenshotting this damning post and reporting it to the refugee resettlement agency.”

Well, doesn’t that sound familiar, especially to anyone aware of the progroms in the USSR or the Gestapo in Germany or the Red Scare in the US.

In her conclusion, the writer helpfully suggests a new vetting process “What are your thoughts on American culture? Will you be willing to adjust your lives to Western society and teach your children to value our values? Will you promise to learn English as quickly as possible and integrate into your local community? And maybe one of the toughest questions to ask of Muslim refugees: What is your prayer for Israel?”

Why aren’t we asking this of the Vietnamese refugees who came to this country after the last pointless, unnecessary war we waged? Why aren’t we asking it of the Jewish communities in our country who speak Hebrew, send their children to special schools, and live in neighborhoods segregated from the rest of us? And why is it so difficult for Americans to understand the Israel≠Jew?

Then a tell :

“If Syrian refugees would like us to accept them into our country, then they need to be ready to lock arms, neighbor to neighbor, with people groups they may have a cultural or religious aversion to: Christians, Jews and homosexuals. They don’t have to agree with those peoples’ religions and values, but they need to be willing to join this great American melting pot. If refugees cannot do this, then the United States should not be encroached upon to accept them in our midst. It would not mean that we rejected them, rather it would mean that they rejected us.”

 Dude, there are Americans unwilling to lock arms with Christians, Jews, and homosexuals. Last night white supremacists shot up a black lives matter protest. Just last week Asatru terrorists (you read that right) were arrested for plotting to foment a race war for their imaginary friend Odin. Someone is setting churches on fire. People at church meetings were been mowed down for the express purpose of fighting an imaginary war against America. I have more to worry about from the Peckerwoods and Aryan Nations adherents in my own backyard. Someone (not the Vagos) terrorized Hemet in 2010: “Attempts on officers’ lives included booby-traps attached to squad cars, a gas line routed into an office building and a bazooka rocket — which turned out to be a dud — fired from a rooftop.”

How many Syrian refugees have committed terrorist acts? None. Zero. Nada. Should I write that in Arabic?


2 thoughts on “Balancing Discernment with Racism

  1. Thank-you for taking the time to comment on my blog post. I’m grateful to see that you are so concerned and appalled by the violence inflicted by our own citizens, as I also am. It’s also a breathe of fresh air to see that you are a fellow refugee advocate and exhibit such an intense passion for refugees. Is this passion displayed in action or merely words? May I ask how many Muslim refugees you have personally hosted in your own home?

    If you would have read a little further into the comments section, you would have seen my explanation that the Facebook post my ‘friend’ made went beyond “God curse America and Israel.” It was a lengthy paragraph that resulted in many heated, private messages with one of the sons. I hope that you will never know the anguish I have experienced at sharing a friendship with someone you thought was trustworthy, only to find out that they have an alter-personality online that wishes for the demise of your country. My conscience is clear, knowing that those threats did not need to be kept confidential.


    • My passion for liberty is displayed in words- my passion for people is displayed at work. I cannot talk about work because I cannot violate HIPAA.

      I can say that I have seen things- things that would make your blood run cold. Things that “Americans” do do Muslim refugees, and homosexuals, and homeless people.

      At work, I treat everyone equally regardless of their race, creed, color, national origin, or religion, and I do not discriminate against people for engaging in their constitutionally protected right to free speech.


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