Balancing Discernment with Racism

I was passed this blog post by a friend who requested that it be read. Very interesting perspective. The writer begins by establishing her street cred, stating:

“My family and I welcome refugees to our city by taking them to get their Social Security cards or medical screenings and I teach ESL one day a week. We have also welcomed refugees into our home for meals from many different countries over the past 22 months. We have done our best to befriend these newcomers to our city so that they will have the best possible chance to be integrated into American culture.”

Integrated. Okay, maybe her grasp of the English language is tenuous. I will read on. She talks about friends and family in Germany who have reservations about the refugee situation there. I would argue that that is a uniquely German problem, brought on by decades of guilt for being one of the few countries with the dubious distinction of a history of genocide. Russia also has that distinction, as does Turkey, (although they won’t admit it). The United States also has that distinction.

The Writer quotes Emma Lazarus as if the knowledge of a poem inures her to the one charge that still carries some weight – the charge of racism. I believe say this is the charge that still carries weight because the United States has her own history of genocide. America perpetrated her crime in a unique albeit historical way, one that is not instantly recognizable even by most Americans.   But I digress, let’s move on.

The writer then relates the following story after further establishing her credibility by reporting how she dutifully changed her profile picture on Facebook to signify solidarity with France (apparently a significant achievement). “An Iraqi refugee family that has been living in the U.S. for 18 months (father, mother, 2 grown sons, 2 high school sons) that my own family befriended chose to change their Profile Pics to the colors of the Iraqi flag.”

Newsflash – they have that right.

“Under one of the grown son’s profile pic, his mother (a woman that I have shared many dinners with) wrote in Arabic: ‘Go to hell, America. May God curse America and Israel to hell.’ I replied with a warning to use great caution when making online curses against a country that has taken them in, provided them with refuge, financial assistance and free education.”

Another newsflash – in the United States, we have the right to request that G-D curse whatever we want it to curse that day, in whatever way it sees fit, by whatever means it deems necessary. The Ku Klux Klan has the right to march and rally and assemble. Westboro Baptist has the right to picket funerals. Satanists, both real and imagined, have the right to gather in their covens or whatever they’re calling them these days and call down the four corners or raise the great Cthulhu if they so desire. They are allowed to do this in English or Spanish or archaic Chinese or Pig Latin, they are even allowed to do it in Arabic if they are as fluent as the writer of this piece claims to be.

She goes on “ Up to this point, there was no indication that there were any negative feelings toward the U.S. I took them to be very friendly, engaged, thankful refugees.”


We destroyed their fucking country over imaginary weapons, killed or exiled the men fighting in their armed forces, allowed an impotent government to take over simply because they were willing to provide us with oil, and then got the fuck out of there just as soon as the exiled forces had reconnoitered enough to form a Caliphate that destroyed all the ancient artifacts Hussain had carefully preserved.

They are supposed to be appropriately “thankful.”

The writer then deactivated her fascistbook account, ”but not before screenshotting this damning post and reporting it to the refugee resettlement agency.”

Well, doesn’t that sound familiar, especially to anyone aware of the progroms in the USSR or the Gestapo in Germany or the Red Scare in the US.

In her conclusion, the writer helpfully suggests a new vetting process “What are your thoughts on American culture? Will you be willing to adjust your lives to Western society and teach your children to value our values? Will you promise to learn English as quickly as possible and integrate into your local community? And maybe one of the toughest questions to ask of Muslim refugees: What is your prayer for Israel?”

Why aren’t we asking this of the Vietnamese refugees who came to this country after the last pointless, unnecessary war we waged? Why aren’t we asking it of the Jewish communities in our country who speak Hebrew, send their children to special schools, and live in neighborhoods segregated from the rest of us? And why is it so difficult for Americans to understand the Israel≠Jew?

Then a tell :

“If Syrian refugees would like us to accept them into our country, then they need to be ready to lock arms, neighbor to neighbor, with people groups they may have a cultural or religious aversion to: Christians, Jews and homosexuals. They don’t have to agree with those peoples’ religions and values, but they need to be willing to join this great American melting pot. If refugees cannot do this, then the United States should not be encroached upon to accept them in our midst. It would not mean that we rejected them, rather it would mean that they rejected us.”

 Dude, there are Americans unwilling to lock arms with Christians, Jews, and homosexuals. Last night white supremacists shot up a black lives matter protest. Just last week Asatru terrorists (you read that right) were arrested for plotting to foment a race war for their imaginary friend Odin. Someone is setting churches on fire. People at church meetings were been mowed down for the express purpose of fighting an imaginary war against America. I have more to worry about from the Peckerwoods and Aryan Nations adherents in my own backyard. Someone (not the Vagos) terrorized Hemet in 2010: “Attempts on officers’ lives included booby-traps attached to squad cars, a gas line routed into an office building and a bazooka rocket — which turned out to be a dud — fired from a rooftop.”

How many Syrian refugees have committed terrorist acts? None. Zero. Nada. Should I write that in Arabic?


What is a “Nurse Against Mandatory Vaccines”?

Surgeons against mandatory time-outs.

Aerospace engineers against mandatory pre-flight safety checks.

Animal Rights Activists Against Mandatory Spaying and Neutering.

Okay, that last one might actually exist. The first one results in the wrong limb being amputated. The second results in the Challenger Disaster. Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV) is going to result in people losing their jobs, and possibly result in the death of patients.

According to the Google, “Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines was formed to help healthcare workers and other working adults avoid and speak out against forced and mandatory …” (the preview ends there, and I cannot find  those words repeated elsewhere). NAMV had a website, (which appears to be down, but NAMV has a blog that is still active) where “Members pay a $20 yearly membership fee.”  NAMV raised $644 selling t-shirts . NAMV also has a Facebook page that makes for interesting late night reading, especially if you support science based medicine.

As a RN I was disturbed by “Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines,” as anti-intellectualism in nursing is deeply troubling to me. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I went to the Facebook page and what I found was far worse than nurses who do not want to be told what to do. There is dangerous propaganda on that page and I believe it violates the “Nursing Code of Ethics,” specifically:

“Provision 2: The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community…

Provision 3: The nurse promotes, advocates for, and strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient.” (ANA, 2001)

So what did I do? I found out who was running NAMV and sent her a message. I explained my concerns, particularly the violations of The Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, with specific examples from the Facebook page. She banned me from the Facebook page, blocked me on Twitter, and started scrubbing her affiliation with NAMV from the internet. This was over a year ago.

Why am I bringing this up now? It is another flu season, and another chance for NAMV to get free publicity, as they did last year when I first became aware of the group. I have seen healthcare workers proudly sporting their refusal to get the flu vaccine on the page. The 2015 campaign is hash-tagged #showmeyourmask. It is a brilliant piece of propaganda, because it is impossible to claim these healthcare workers are endangering patients. After all, they are wearing their mask.

The woman behind this group had a blog that was linked from the Facebook page. That has since been scrubbed, but her status as founder and CEO of NAMV is still available online. This is the person in charge of NAMV. I first noticed that she has not been a nurse for very long, receiving her Associate degree in 2010 after a year at Excelsior. Thereafter she went to Western Governors University, and received her BSN in 2011. She obtained Her MSN from the same institution in 2012. She then attended Kaplan University with the expectation of graduating and an “Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner” in 2015, before switching to Touro University Nevada for her Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

I wondered, how many years of experience does she have working on the floor as a nurse in an acute care setting? What was her specialty? Did she ever see patients on oscillating vents or nitrous due to influenza? I noticed that she was a LPN (license #4703103254) before she became a RN (License #4704282245). I was wondering what she did while taking all those online classes, before becoming an entrepreneur, selling T-shirts. Therefore, I looked up her work history.

She has been a Director of Nursing Education for CHE Trinity Health (2013-2014), a Case Manager for Hospice of Michigan (2012-2013), worked for Spectrum Health at an Urgent care clinic (2012), and worked “with the public inebriate program of Grand Rapids” for Mel Trotter Ministries (2011-2012). She worked for project Rehab (2010-2011) and was a LPN at the Salvation Army (2009-2010). It appears she also worked in Long Term Care, both as a CNA and LPN from 2004 – 2008.

So What? Other social media users regularly advocate against not only the influenza vaccine, but against childhood immunizations as well. They use their professional titles to spread misinformation and pseudoscience, resulting in decreased rates of immunization and increased chances of morbidity and mortality due to preventable disease.

I think it will take more than traditional public health models to combat this misinformation, since traditional models do not include the epidemiological view of social media. In this age, ideas go viral. This results in actual cases of disease transmission, as we have recently seen with pertussis and measles (Leask, 2011; Poland, & Jacobson, 2011; Salathe, & Khandelwal, 2011; ).

A woman with no acute care experience whatsoever heads the organization known as Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines. She has been a registered nurse for less than five years. Meanwhile I have been working in the Intensive Care Unit seeing people die of influenza. It took me three years to obtain my Associates Degree over ten years ago (degree requirements). It took two more years to obtain my BSN at a State University. It took three years to obtain my Masters degree from the same university. The whole time I was employed full time as a Registered Nurse in an acute care hospital. I worked there for eight long years.

There are numerous well-researched evidence-based articles regarding the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine. There are also valid reasons why healthcare providers should be vaccinated (Crislip, 2014; Cortes-Penfield,2014). The Facebook page “Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines” is perpetuating myths, and silencing critics. This is not professional behavior.

There are physicians doing this as well. have “Doctor Bob” Spears, “Doctor” Gordon, and various other “Doctors” (Reiss, 2015; Tracy, 2015; Lah, & Brumfield, 2015) going on major media outlets, which purport to present the “other side” of the vaccine “argument.” The science says there is no other side and there is no argument (I could develop and cite this thesis but it would be a dissertation- for my Doctorate).

We, as nurses, are used to  advocating for our patients. We need to start doing it publicly (Orac, 2015). We also need to hold our colleagues responsible for spreading misinformation. I once worked with a nurse who said she was not getting the flu shot because she did not want to “put all those chemicals in her body.” I do not work with her anymore, but I wish I had said something when I had the chance. Crislip, (2014) or this (if you do not have a subscription to Medscape) is a good start. I got my first flu shot after realizing that I was one of those to whom Crislip was referring.

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